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Human Trafficking

About a year ago, a sex-trafficking ring was busted in Nashville, TN. That’s right! In the buckle of the Bible belt, the most horrendous crime imaginable was taking place. Not long after that, our local newspaper ran a story that … Continue reading

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A New Thing

This morning, I preached a very simple gospel message. I titled it, “A New Thing.” Click on the title to listen to it and pass it along to others.

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A Living Wage

What is a “living wage”? A living wage is different from a “minimum wage.” A minimum wage is the least amount of an hourly wage an employer can pay an employee. The minimum wage is set by the government. (Right … Continue reading

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Did You Know?

Did you know there is over 2,100 verses in the Bible that deal with social justice issues? Compare that number with the following: Approximately 550 Bible verses deal with heaven. Less than 100 Bible verses deal with hell. Less than … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Social Sins

Below are some timeless truths from Gandhi. They are referred to as the Seven Deadly Social Sins. All seven are worth meditating on today: Politics without principle Wealth without work Commerce without morality Pleasure without conscience Education without character Science … Continue reading

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Thought for Today

Over and over again in the Bible (especially the Old Testament) God’s people are told to watch over and care for the vulnerable. Who are the vulnerable? God’s Word categorizes them into four groups of people: widows orphans immigrants, and … Continue reading

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Purpose of Floods of Justice

Floods of Justice is a blog dealing with justice issues from a conservative biblical perspective. Floods of Justice believes that biblical salvation is about bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. This involves both a personal relationship to God through faith in … Continue reading

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