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The Greatest Injustice at this Time

People are hurting today like never before in my lifetime. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate at the end of May was 8.2%. The underemployment rate is 18%. This past April the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) … Continue reading

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The Invisible War

Did you know a woman in the military is more likely to be raped by another soldier than killed in combat? According to a new documentary, that is true along with some other disturbing facts. Check out an article about … Continue reading

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Human Slavery

Human slavery is still an issue around the world. Human trafficking takes place everywhere, including the United States. In fact, I am told the number one place in the world were slave transactions take place is the airport in Atlanta, … Continue reading

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Adidas Shackles

Did you guys see the article about the sneakers designed by Adidas with the shackles on them? (If not, here is a linkto that article.) Some influential people cried foul, claiming the shoes were racist because it brought up images … Continue reading

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A Flaw in Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is a strongly held value in our society, and for the most part I agree with it. A person can never rise above his or her circumstances without taking personal responsibility for his or her choices and actions. … Continue reading

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