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As I was working on my next post in a series on poverty the following article appeared in my local newspaper. While I do not agree that a state income tax would help, the study itself is very interesting to me.

Income Inequality Increasing

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  1. Allan Crowson says:

    I saw the headline this morning and knew immediately where it was going…. Mathematically, when record numbers of people are un(der)employed, it is to be expected that the disparity will increase. The unemployment tidal wave has hit disproportionately among the lower economic strata of society, I believe, although the upper strata have not been untouched. But when wage earners already in the lower strata lose a job, and begin (at best) to receive unemployment, the gap between them and those who still have jobs (and especially those who still have high paying jobs) increases. This observation says nothing at all about poverty (relative or absolute), but merely points out a mathematical phenomenon that is an indictment of any number of political policies, left and right.

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