Unintended Consequences? (Not Sure)

The-EconomyIf you have been following my blog here and my other blog, revkev43.wordpress.com, then you know I think our country’s political problems are the fault of both the Republicans and Democrats. I think our entire two-party system is a sham and a shame. Both parties have driven us into debt. Both parties, in my opinion, are more interested in power then in doing what is best for the country. Neither party is really concerned about the common man. But I will save the politics for another day.

There is something else I want to write about, and that is a trend that has been going on since January 1 that I think is unjust. Some people might say it is an unintended consequence of  the Affordable Care Act and the increase in the payroll tax that has affected everyone. However, how these politicians who seem to be so smart did not see this unintended consequence is beyond me. I don’t want to go as far as to say they have done it on purpose, but they should have known better.

Here is what I am talking about:

Since January 1st, companies of all sizes have made serious cuts to the amount of hours people work and are no longer hiring full-time employees. I cannot tell you how many working class and low-income workers I have talked to since January that have told me the same story – “My company has cut my hours back to 24 hours a week, tops. I use to work between 35-39 hours, but now I am only working 24 hours and there are no plans for my company to hire anyone full-time. I don’t know what I am going to do.” The net result of these cut backs is that already struggling families have lost almost half their income.

In the mean time the stock market continues to rise and so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; the income and wealth gap in our country continues to expand. This is crony capitalism at its worst.

And both parties are to blame.

The key component in all of this is the Affordable Care Act. No one read the act before it was passed and just now people (some are even Democrats) are finally seeing what bad policy this was. The major reason why companies are cutting back hours and not hiring new full-time people is out of fear of what the future holds because of the Affordable Care Act. No one really knows how much it is really going to costs.

And this is where the Republicans are to blame. They have scared small businesses and large businesses into paralyzes. Furthermore, they put forth a candidate whose very own state policy was the template for the Affordable Care Act.

And I have not even mentioned the entire sequester fiasco.

Now, more than ever, the middle-class and working class are losing income and wealth and suffering like no other time in my lifetime. Now, more than ever, the lower-class are stuck and even further away from getting out of their situation.

Our entire system is sickening.

anger2The only people benefiting through all of this are the wealthy and they have the gall to complain about taxes returning to the levels under Reagan, their hero. The 1% are not the ones being hurt by all this!

You judge the health of a nation’s economy, not by how the wealthy are doing or how the poor are doing. You judge the health of a nation’s economy by how well the middle-class is doing and right now the middle-class is sick.

And those in power are guilty of malpractice.

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I am a husband, father, pastor, teacher, scuba diver, reader, bike rider, author...in that order.
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