God’s Grace Sets the Pace

My friend from a maximum security prison, Ryiee, gave me another poem. Please keep Ryiee in your prayers as he struggles to grow in his faith.

The title of the poem is “God’s Grace Sets the Pace.”

It’s so easy to let this life beat us down

I speak from miseries I’ve sown into the ground

I’ve reaped so much strife I thought I’d drown

From these agonies that I’ve known, this I’ve found


Nothing of this world will last

Not the sorrows and not the laughs

Even the absurd will pass

And tomorrow will become the past


Also I’ve when I hated

My nerves grated

All peace abated

And nothing was appreciated


Hate will only lead us to blindness

So let the fools be mindless

Let’s treat each other with kindness

For only love will bind us


If you run out of luck

And every door seems shut

You just cannot give up

You’re never truly stuck


When you think for sure you’ve reached your limit

When you think “Oh Lord, I can’t take another hit”

There is a cure, but you have got to pray for it

Remember our Lord faced worse and didn’t quit


The dark, you can refuse it

Embrace the Light, if you choose it

In art or even in music

However you’d like to use it


The dark, you shouldn’t fear it

For, the Light, you’re always near it

The mark of sin, Jesus can clear it

And give the might of the Holy Spirit


Each night you should pray for loved one’s sake

And each morning praise God when you wake

Because when God’s grace sets the pace

Then each day becomes a race to face.


About Pastor Kevin

I am a husband, father, pastor, teacher, scuba diver, reader, bike rider, author...in that order.
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1 Response to God’s Grace Sets the Pace

  1. I cannot define God accept as all that is right, but I like this poem a lot. A great piece of expression and hope in challenging times.

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