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Storytelling (Luke 20:9-19)

There is nothing like a good story told by an expert storyteller. In fact, I maintain that a good story, orally told by a great storyteller, is more captivating then reading a book or watching a movie. There are few … Continue reading

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It’s Early Monday Morning

I woke up early this morning. In fact, for some reason, every day for the last week or so, I have been waking up at 4:30am. I have tried to go back to sleep, but decided that God must be … Continue reading

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Fake News

There is a lot in the news about fake news. What I don’t understand is, Am I supposed to believe the news about fake news or am I supposed to believe the fake news about the news. What is fake … Continue reading

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Tree Climbing (Luke 19:1-10)

I used to love climbing trees. Now, I’m scared of heights and get dizzy climbing stairs. But when I was young, I loved climbing as high as possible. One house I lived in as a child had a large tree … Continue reading

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An Email from an Immigrant

Yesterday (Friday, February 17, 2017), I received an email from a friend who is from another country. I believe, in light of all the news about immigrants and refugees, everyone needs to read this email. With my friend’s permission I … Continue reading

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What Would I Do?

We live in interesting times. Unlike anything I have ever seen. But they are not unprecedented. Our country has been through difficult times before. But that was then. This is now. There is a saying that goes like this: Those that don’t … Continue reading

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Come Out From Among Them

“Come out from them and be separate says the Lord” (2 Corinthians 6:17) I grew up in a very conservative denomination. We rejected the label “evangelical” for the more spiritual label, “fundamentalist.” How conservative where we? Well, in both High School … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Wallet? (Luke 18:18-30).

I’m sure we are all familiar with Capital One’s credit card commercial with the Samuel Jackson saying, “What’s in your wallet?” It’s a commercial about debt management. It’s a commercial that appeals to our consumerism. It’s a cute commercial with … Continue reading

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No Moral Authority

“When there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint”           (Proverbs 29:19, New English Translation) I think we, in the United States, are living in a time described by Proverbs 29:19. There is no one in … Continue reading

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Last week I deactivated my Facebook account. What that means is that very few people will read my blog unless you share it on your Facebook wall. (Please do so if you feel so inclined.) I am not saying I … Continue reading

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