The First Time I Saw Her

The first time I saw her, I was 15 and she was 14. It was the first day of a new school year. My attraction to her was immediate. Several weeks later we were an “item.” In November of that school year, I got my driver’s license. It was a Thursday. On Saturday we went on our first date. We went to a Mexican restaurant on White Bridge Road, and a Vanderbilt basketball game. I don’t remember who they played. It didn’t matter. I don’t remember what I ate, but she did not eat all her meal. She asked if I wanted to finish her meal. At that moment I knew it was true love. I have been eating off her plate ever since. That was 1981.

We got married on Friday, May 15, 1987. This Monday we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. In about an hour from now, we are leaving on a weekend trip to the place we spent our first night together. My bride, Misty, has stood by my side every day since our first date 35-plus years ago. Along the way we have raised two beautiful kids, that are now adults. In my mind, Misty is still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. When I look at her, I see the same 20 year young girl I married. She is my soulmate. The love of my life.

Here’s to 30 more years together.

I love you.


About Pastor Kevin

I am a husband, father, pastor, teacher, scuba diver, reader, bike rider, that order.
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