Point, Kaepernick

Last year, when Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem, I thought it was a bad stunt; n unwise PR move. I also thought it would go away soon. But one thing I never thought was that he was disrespecting the flag, our country, or the military. Why? Because he has made it clear from day one that he is trying to bring attention to the inequality he sees in our country, especially the inequality in mass incarceration and police brutality toward people of color.

Now, you may not agree with him about inequality and police brutality. You may think there is a better way to bring attention to these problems. You may believe it hypocritical for a millionaire to complain about inequality. (That last one really makes me mad. If Mr. Kaepernick were poor, and protesting, no one would listen. It is precisely because of his position in our society that his protest has gained attention.) But what you do not have a right to do, is say he is doing something he has denied doing.

To say he is disrespecting our country is to be less than honest about what he has said he is doing.

To say he is disrespecting the flag is simply not accurate. Our flag stands for freedom of speech!

To say he is disrespecting our military is an outright lie.

And to call him a “son of a b—-,” from a position of power, is insane and immoral.

In a very real sense, President Trump proved Mr. Kaepernick’s point.


(NOTE: I realize that some people were upset that I used profanity. While I was simply quoting what our President said (I assume people are equally upset about that), I sincerely apologize if I upset anyone. I have edited the profane word out.)

About Pastor Kevin

I am a husband, father, pastor, teacher, scuba diver, reader, bike rider...in that order.
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