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From a Palestinian Christian

I know this is now old news, but a few months back there was a slight uproar from the religious right because the United States, under Obama administration, abstained from voting on a United Nation’s resolution condemning the Israeli’s settlements on … Continue reading

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Local Mayor’s Breakfast

On Wednesday morning, May 22nd, I had the privilege of attending Mayor Ken Moore’s “State of the City” breakfast at The Factory in Franklin, TN ( I have attended most of these breakfast events and consider Dr. Moore to be … Continue reading

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Embracing Social Justice

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” (Margaret Mead) ___________________________________________ Jesus proclaimed, “The time has come…The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and … Continue reading

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What Changed?

A friend recently asked me what changed in my life that caused me to focus on social justice issues. I will admit I have not always been concerned about the poor, the vulnerable, and the marginalized in our community. I … Continue reading

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The Poor

Here is what I read in my devotions this morning. It was to good not to share: “Putting ourselves in proximity to oppressed people begins to open us up to understanding and compassion…God identifies with the poor, not because they … Continue reading

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A Follow Up on Trayvon Martin

More “facts” are coming out about the Trayvon Martin case and Trayvon Martin himself. It amazes me how many people who questioned the first reports given by the media because the media cannot be trusted have all of the sudden … Continue reading

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The Government Does Have a Role

I will readily admit my background and training in social justice issues is weak. I was brought up during a time when most things considered “justice” was considered “liberal.” I was trained that the “social gospel” was really no gospel … Continue reading

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