A Tough Spot

Two times over the last few months I have met two different homeless men in my city who have a similar story. Both men are in their twenties. Neither man is from Franklin or Williamson County. One man is black and the other is white. Both are in a tough spot. Continue reading

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A Prophet

Three times over the past month, people have commented to me that I am prophet, or that my preaching and ministry is prophetic. Twice, people have commented that I am like John the Baptist, calling people to repentance. Once a person commented after a sermon I preached that, “that kind of preaching will get you thrown into jail.” (I think they meant that as a compliment.) On another occasion a person told my congregation they were fortunate to have, as a pastor, a person whose message and ministry is in the prophetic. On top of all this, a couple months ago, a pastor I deeply respect as a prophet, called me and told me he had a word for me from the Lord. He said, “You are about to enter a new phase of ministry where you will have increased influence. Handle that influence with humility.” Continue reading

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Changing the Analogy

This past week, Press Secretary Sarah Hubkabee Sanders gave an illustration that she thought explained our tax system. You can watch the video here. After watching the video, I thought to myself, “What if you changed the analogy from a pleasure to a necessity? Would that change anything?” And so that is what I have done below. To Mrs. Sanders credit, she made it clear this was an overly simplistic illustration for a very complex problem. The worse thing you can do with a simplistic analogy is over analyze it. But I did anyway. You will need to watch the video first, for my analysis to make any sense. Enjoy. Continue reading

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A Call for Corporate Repentance

This past Sunday night (October 29, 2017) I had the privilege of preaching at New Livingstone Church (Pastor Ronnie Mitchell) during their “Solar Eclipse Revival: Where love covers hate.” My sermon, “A Call for Corporate Repentance” was based on a blog I had written a couple of months ago. I shared parts of the blog with Pastor Ronnie, and he asked that I build my sermon around that blog. That sermon is written below. I would really be interested in your thoughts:

________________________________ Continue reading

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White Supremacy Rally

Tomorrow (Saturday, October 28th) is a big day for parts of Middle Tennessee. It’s not a good day, but an important day.

Tomorrow, in both Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, White Supremacist groups are holding “white lives matter” rallies. It’s sad, but they have been granted all the necessary permits to exercise their right to free speech, even if it is hate speech. Continue reading

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Community or Chaos

This Thursday, October 19th, I’ve been invited to American Baptist College to speak, and be on a panel, titled, “Community or Chaos.” It’s an interesting topic for today’s environment. If you are in the Nashville area, I would love to see you there at 1pm. Lunch will be served.

It has been almost 50 years since Dr. King was assassinated, and right now, race relations in the United States are at historic lows. By all sociological standards, African-Americans are worse off today then before the Civil Rights movement. Just last month, The Washington Post, reported that African-Americans are the only racial group in the United States making less in 2016 then they did in 2000. The unemployment rate of Black Americans is double that of White Americans. Add to this, the number of African-American males incarcerated, the number of African-American males killed by police, the number of African-American males killed by other African-American males, and the increase in white supremacy and white nationalism, one can only conclude that it is difficult, and dangerous, being a black male in our society. Continue reading

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Point, Kaepernick

Last year, when Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem, I thought it was a bad stunt; n unwise PR move. I also thought it would go away soon. But one thing I never thought was that he was disrespecting the flag, our country, or the military. Why? Because he has made it clear from day one that he is trying to bring attention to the inequality he sees in our country, especially the inequality in mass incarceration and police brutality toward people of color.

Continue reading

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