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A Highly Probable Immigration/Deportation Scenario

Our present administration has shut the government down over a contrived crisis. Now, both sides are dug in and innocent people are being hurt. All over what to do about immigrants and border security. Let me give you a likely … Continue reading

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An Email from an Immigrant

Yesterday (Friday, February 17, 2017), I received an email from a friend who is from another country. I believe, in light of all the news about immigrants and refugees, everyone needs to read this email. With my friend’s permission I … Continue reading

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The Immigration Issue

I have been following Pres. Trump’s executive order to limit immigration and refugees closely. It is really difficult, with all the noise, to make sense of it all and to separate fact from fiction; fear from reality. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Top Social Justice Issues

At the beginning of a new year here are a few of what I think are the top social justice issues we face. They are in no particular order. Human Trafficking Here is a link to the United States Department … Continue reading

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