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Not Guilty

Well, the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial was reached and read and reacted to on Saturday evening, July 13, 2013. Mr. Zimmerman was found “not-guilty.” I have my own thoughts about the verdict and the guilt or innocence of … Continue reading

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What is Social Justice?

The word “social” comes from the Latin word socius, meaning “companion” or “ally.” The word “justice” comes from the Latin words iustitia and iustus, meaning “righteousness” and “equity.” Thus, “social justice” is seeing all people as your companion or ally and treating them in a right … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking

About a year ago, a sex-trafficking ring was busted in Nashville, TN. That’s right! In the buckle of the Bible belt, the most horrendous crime imaginable was taking place. Not long after that, our local newspaper ran a story that … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Social Sins

Below are some timeless truths from Gandhi. They are referred to as the Seven Deadly Social Sins. All seven are worth meditating on today: Politics without principle Wealth without work Commerce without morality Pleasure without conscience Education without character Science … Continue reading

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